Thursday, 11 September 2008

The gentle art of letter writing.............

That's real letters - not letters of complaint, dealings with the bank, round-robin Christmas things, but real letters. Lots of handwriting on nice paper, pretty envelopes, stamps stuck straight on in the corner.........
I used to write a lot fo letters; I had penpals all over the world in lots of different countries, from the age of about 10. Things drift on, though, and contact is lost, or is doen by quick and easy e-mail. The other day I sat and wrote three letters, and yesterday I got a call from the recipient of one, whose letter I put in with her birthday card. She was so thrilled to receive a proper , handwritten, newsy letter ( as opposed ot junk mail, bills, leaflets, etc) that I resolved there and then to take up my pen and write more letters.
I think the internet may be the cause of the demise of letter writing, even for thankyou notes for presents. I know my two will happily run one or more off on the computer, but I think it's nicer and more thoughtful to actually put pen to paper as the saying goes. It's also an excuse to search out special paper and envelopes - soemthing colourful, pretty, cheerful, to suit the recipient, and send handmade cards with little messages inside.
So, from now on, I will be much more diligent at keeping in touch by mail, I promise.

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Leanne said...

i am in absolute agreement with you! letterwriting is a dying art, and thats wrong!! I absolutely love getting a proper letter, and I write them too, on nice paper, with my beautiful fountain pen, blotted afterwards, of course!!

Leanne x