Thursday, 11 September 2008

Just because they're nice............

.......nice to use, nice to look at, stop your clothes sliding off the hangers and falling in an inelegant heap int he bottom of the wardrobe; also another place to hang a tiny lavender bag - can't have too many! I love covered hangers. I get quite a kick when I find them in charity shops, boot slaes, etc. Usually, the poor things are the worse for wear, but just need a little TLC to bring them back to life. It's a good way of using up scraps of wool, fabric, etc, and they are easy to do. It's my intention to have every hanger in the wardrobe decorated ins ome way, all with little scented bags or sachets attached so it smelss wonderful. I gave my clothes int eh wardrobe a good going over a few months back, so can now take the time to work on the hangers. These are two I've done this week; the stripey one you might recognise as the leftovers from the knitted dishcloths I did, a lovely soft yarn in cotton and bamboo. The other is less than half a ball of a Debbie Bliss ball of "Soho" that needed a further purpose in life - the colours in this are gorgeous. I've still quite a few to get done, some will be sewn in fabric, others knitted and crocheted, but it's a nice project to go back to in between others.

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