Thursday, 11 September 2008

No exotic birds were hurt........... the making of this fascinator!
A fascinator is a sort of hair decoration like a small hat/cocktail hat/decorated comb, etc; I had to check the exact meaning in the dictionary before I embarked upon this one! It's for a competition at the WI tonight, and as I can't foresee me making many more of them, I went OTT with something just a tad exotic! It's based on a rubber sectioning clip from the chemist - the type used to section off hair by hairdressers when cutting and dyeing - plain, with a good strong grip and spring. I wound this over with textured/stripey/metallic mix yarn, then sewed on a big fan of white netting; this was topped by a knitted exotic flower, the petals wired with copper wire to five form and contour to the knitting, which would otherwise flop ; nice bright centre to it, with purple stamens in angora. Wide red ribbon with a contrasting edge was found by chance in the drawer when I was looking for the glue, so on it went too :lol: I found the little green glittery bird irresistable, and he is clipped on to the end (not affixed, as he's borrowed frm Bean's room - she doesn't know yet........ :shock: :lol: ). I'm quite pleased with it, and enjoyed the challenge of making something very different; wish I had occasiontt o wear it, but I suspect that it will look rather good on Bean, who will probably wear it to the mobile library............. 8)

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