Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Shaker moth repellent recipe

Whilst I was in the mood for getting-on-with-things-I should-have-done-ages-ago, such as the vinegar below, I finally got around to making this too. I have a lovely little book called Wisdom from a Shaker Garden by Kathleen Mahoney.

This is what I made:

Perfume and Preventative of Moths

Take of cloves, caraway seeds, nutmegs, mace, cinnamon and sanguin (bloodroot)beans of each one ounce: then add as much Florentine orris root as will equal teh other ingredients put together. Grind the whole well to pouder, & then put it in little bags among your clothes.

Old Shaker Journal

I use lavender bags in drawers and the wardrobe, but fancied something a bit spicier and less floral for the winter months; coupled with the fact I've seen a couple of moths about too. Wish you could smell this:

- it's an amazing smell! I didn't have the bloodroot beans (!), and all my spices were already powdered except the cloves and caraway seeds, so that made it physically easier too; I had run out of cinnamon, so substituted mixed spice. It's also a good way of using up spices that will soon be past their best - they don't keep their properties very long, once opened. Ground them all up in the pestle and mortar, then added in the orris root, also in powdered form. I'll cover it and let it sit overnight, and make some bags tomorrow. Another simple pleasure to round off a chilly winter afternoon.

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Bovey Belle said...

I bet that's lovely - I have the ingredients too, so may be a copy cat! They'd make nice little Christmas stocking fillers too.