Monday, 9 March 2009


Hellebores are some of my favourite spring flowers - I lvoe them all, and love the way they are so uninhibited when it comes to breeding - a bit like aquilegias. REcent eyars have seen prices of the more common (but no less beautiful for it) ones come down considerably, and the alrger , cheaper chains are stocking more and better plants. Nothing will beat a serious nursery for collectors of them, though, but that's now what I do - I choose mine my colour and colour alone. They will seed prolifically if happy, so I pot them up when big enough and either give them away or sell them by the gate.

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Bovey Belle said...

I've only got one and for some unaccountable reason it has ended up at the side of the paddock! It's the third one down, colourwise, from your photos. It is flowering happily right now, so I shall transplant it when it's finished.