Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tomato time!!!!


At last, time to get on with one of my very favourite tasks of spring - sowing tomatoes. I love tomatoes - sowing them, growing them, reading their names, getting the seeds through the post, seeing the first seedling unfurl towards the light, harvesting, eating from the vine, cooking with them, preserving them, savouring the very first and last ones of the season all to myself...........

I held off sowing until now this year, as I feel it's been too cold. Time felt right this morning, though, so in they went. Twelve varities this year - as usual, nothing usual LOL I managed to get hold of some very interesting varieities from an Amish seed supplier in America, so looking forward very much to seeing how they get on.
These are the ones that went in today:

Black cherry
Depp's Pink Firefly
Eva's Purple Ball
Principe Borghese (for sun-dried tomatoes)
Brooks' Special
Qyanai fen (rare Chinese variety, only one seed)
Saltspring Sunrise (grew last year, lovely flavour)
Martin's Amish
Summer Cider Apricot (couldn't resist the name :) )
Budai torpe
Eva's Amish Stripe
Mortgage Lifter (love the history behind the self-explanatory name on this one)

Roll on summer!


Eileen said...

What an awesome variety - can't wait to see them develop and fruit!

Libby said...

I hope to get mine done this week,are yours all grown in the greenhouse??