Thursday, 12 March 2009

March giveaway!

This is my giveaway for March - a lovely sea green washcloth, handknitted in organic cotton, plus a Bronnley lavender soap and a min gardenr's hand soap for those hardworking hands!
If you'd like your name to go int he hat, please post a comment, or e-mail me on Julian.Dean1@


btw - I apologise if the righthand sidebar is all over the place for you - it is for me, and I'm trying to find someone to help me with it, so please bear with me. It isn;t half annoying me, though LOL


Tea with Willow said...

I've just read your list of things to do in March Mrs L ... and it's inspired me, as I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps with an ear infection & dizzy head!

So, it's off into the garden today - check out the greenhouse, then clean out the hens.

Would love to enter your giveaway!

Willow xx

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I see what you mean about the sidebar. We're having trouble sometimes uploading posts. It comes up with a message saying we have tried an illegal move, usually when we have just gone back to sort out some odd line spacing that Blogger has decided to put in. Grrrrrrrr.

Rosie x (whose hard-working habds could always do with a little help!)

Pixiedust said...

Can I enter please Mrs L. XXXX

PS You've got me hooked on Tales from Green Valley now. xxxx

thesnailgarden said...

My you have been very busy sowing seeds - I have only just bought my compost, I'm a bit later this year as my seedlings got very leggy last year.

Please enter me into your giveaway, my hands need some TLC, they could be used as sandpaper at the moment :(

Best wishes, Pj x

Stef4916 said...

Would love to enter your giveaway! Interesting blog!! stef4916(at)

kat said...

May i join? These soaps look like they're something i need hehehe

katch05 at gmail dot com

Solorn said...

That washcloth is a beautiful color. Even if I don't win can you let me know what cotton you used so I can go and buy some?:) I know I shouldn't add to my stash's sooo pretty!

Carolemc said...

Please enter me too Mrs L .... would go nicely with my homemade bath bombs if I ever get my act together!


Brenda said...

Ah, never one to pass up a giveaway, here I am! I've been busy stagger sowing 3 types of heirloom tomato seeds too, naturally they'll all fruit together anyway, such is life.