Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Earth Day, 2009

Today is Earth Day - what are you going to do for the planet today? Leave a comment and let us know, it's always inspiring and thought-provoking to read others' thoughts and actions.



Carolemc said...

As you know I'm reading the Earth Users Guide to one thing I mean to do today is buy a notebook to start keeping my observations and ideas in, to help me start putting permaculture into practice.

I will also continue using mulch to preserve moisture in the soil and feed the worms; carry on thinking about how I can live more simply; and learn more about bees - which plants to grow for them, identifying them etc.

Jacqui said...

I have just started attending beginners beekeeping classes - Einstein apparently said that if bees die out, man will follow a few years later. Also getting to grips with the garden - spreading compost today and also continuing the questt to lighten our burden on the planet.

Eileen said...

Keeping with tradition, we have planted 2 trees on our property, a White Spruce and a Hydrangea. At school, the day revolved around Earth Day, we had a "litterless breakfast", lesson on recycling, another on being a wise consumer -looking for products with less packaging, we shopped using our cloth bags and so on. I killed the sprouting weeds in my flagstone walkways with a few drops of boiling water from the kettle after making tea, did another load of laundry in cold water and hung the clothes out to dry. We have been very "green" for many years..

MrsL said...

Us too, Eileen :) I like "joining in" with others aroudn the globe sometimes, though, it adds an extra dimension and bit of encouragement for me.
I did the washing by hand, one set of bedding and one load of clothes, and only used the electricty for fridge, freezers and computer. (Polishes halo, ha ha ha LOL )

Nice comment on the bees, Jacqui, I'm about to open my hive and have a looksee in there.

And ofcourse, the garden is ever present...........
I borrwwed the poermaculture book recommended by Carole from the library yesterday, it looks good, so looking forward to having a read, although pure permaculture isn't my thing. It has a lot ot offer if you take the bits you want from it, though.

Thanks for leaving comments!

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