Monday, 20 April 2009

Sloe gin and beeswax

Sometimes, it takes ages to getting around to actually buying or acquiring a book, and this is one of them, for me! I've had this one out of the library before, but never got around to getting a copy for myself, but I have now, at a good price on Amazon. It's a lovely book, thoroughly recommended, all sorts of interesting things and recipes, bits of information, inspiring pictures. Divided into seasons, with appropriate recipes, etc for each one.
Ones that caught my eye - rosehip marmalade, centerbe liqueur,almond and honey hand salve, sponge fingers (langues du chat), bird cakes - so many things to try, it's a wonderful book. by Jane Newdick, ISBN is 1-85238-333-x


Tea with Willow said...

This looks really interesting Mrs L ... I'm off to Amazon to take a look! I can't resist books, but it's always good to go with recommendations.

willow x

Heart in the country said...

I've had this book for years, but must admit to not having looked at it for've just given me a push to have another look :0)

Leanne said...

on my shelves here too...but you knew that! :lol:

Leanne x

Libby said...

I have had this book awhile now and love it to bits, always dipping in and out of it!