Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tree audit

I've just taken half an hour in the early morning April sunshine to do a tree audit. I did one a couple of years back, I think, but we've added a few since then.
Here's the result:

Davidia involucrata, snake bark maple, contorted willow x2,lilac,catalpa,tulip tree,miniature ornamental cherry, pawlonia, field maple, conifer,Judas tree, maple, blackthorn x 2, bullace, crab apple x 3, quince, pear, cherry, greengage, damson,elder, eating apples x 3, plum x 3, sorbus x 2 mulberry x 1, medlar, hazels x 8, black elder, white elder, sugar maple, cider apple x 3 perry pear, holly, birch, bay silver birch x 5, willow, oak x 2 white horsechestnut, red horsechestnut, evergreen oak, ash x 6, hawthorn.

These were here before us:

elder x 6, lilac x 3, hazel x1, hawthorn x 1

To save you the bother (lol), that's 71 trees planted by us (mostly me), and 11 already here, totalling 82 in all. That's a lot of trees. All I'm hankering after now is a cooking apple tree and a walnut, but am really of a mind there won;t be room!

The best time to plant a tree is 40 years ago; the next best time is today (old Chinese saying)


Anonymous said...

We have five...


Leanne said...

I have 36 in total....

leanne x

Eileen said...

wow, we have LOTS TOO but I've never undertaken a tree audit -might prove interesting for me and others as we are collectors of sorts of the unusual and of trees, shrubs that others want removed....sort of a tree sanctuary for old, young or otherwise unwanted trees.....perhaps this weekend...stay tuned..