Friday, 26 June 2009

How many?!!

- erm.............quite a few LOL. These three beauties are awaiting various bits of TLC to get them up and running well again, so have hauled them out to get them cleaned up and sorted. They really are beautiful machines, not much to go worng with them, apart from several perished rubber bits that need replaced, but I should be able to find them. Then a good clean and an oil, new needles, and they're ready to go. Bean ha s a 1940s Jones machine (hand) and I have a rather lovely Singer treadle awaiting its new belt. I have an eleectic machine too, but that is being moved on once it's mended as I'd mush rather have the hand cranked ones. Wouldn't you?

Hot off the needles yesterday, handspun socks for me, for bedsocks for the winter. Hope it gets cold enough to wear them - they're thick and cosy!

Very wet here this morning, and thunder through last night. Hopefully it will top the water butts up really well, and give the garden a good soak through, much needed. I've just the greenhouses to do this morning now. Everything grows much better with rainwater than tapwater I've concluded, so try to keep tap water on the garden to a minimum, especially the edibles. I have an inkling of what's in our water, but I'm sure I don't know the half of it.............

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