Thursday, 25 June 2009

Poor man's weather glass

- is another name for the Scarlet Pimpernel (anagalis arvensis). There was a tiny one of these in the front garden when we moved here, but since re-doing the whole front borders earlier this year, it's appeared with a vengeance. Seen by some as a weed no doubt, but I think it's rather pretty - very delicate. Its looks belie its properties, apparently poisonous to man, dogs and horses if ingested.
The flowers open in the morning, and close again mid afternoon;they close up if it gets damp, or rain is on the way, hend the poor man's weather glass tag. Tehre is an annual anagalis too, with blue flowers. I grew that once, but seeds aren't easy to come by. I believe it was used as a medicianl herb in the past.
It's a nice addition to the garden, I think, and I'm happy to have this little "weed" play its part.

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