Friday, 26 June 2009

Inspired to get back to the sewing - patchwork skirt and t-shirt bag

Much talk of hand cranked machines on the forum (Creative Living) inspired me to get all my hand machines out and get them sorted, as per my previous post, but I couldn't wait; got quite inspired! Threaded up Bean's Jones this morning and set to with the patchwork skirt I'd been planning for a while:

The body of the skirt is done now, it needs a waistband and the hem trimmed with something rather lovely, so I might do that later. It'll probably need lining too. Will post pic of completed skirt when it's done. Total cost under £1 using jumble sale etc fabrics.

Here's the bag; I can't take credit for the original idea, but I think it's great and I've made several of them. Total time: 15 minutes, total cost 15p :) Easy to make and customise, and as is said, "Been there, done that, used to be the t-shirt......." LOL

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