Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Sing a song of sixpence................

Remember the silver sixpence? On this day in 1980, it ceased to be legal tender. There are lots of interesting stories associated with this iconic little coin, including brides slipping one into their shoe on their wedding day to ensure wealth in their married life.
As a small child, growing up in Scotland, we had our "Saturday sixpence" - sometimes saved, but more often than not, spent in the village shop or post office, usually on sweeties.
I have a rather nice George V1 sixpence which is always put in our Christmas pudding, to bring luck and wealth to the finder.


Jayne said...

I also remember the sixpence. In fact my mother gave me a charm bracelet of sixpences all minted in the year of my birth - I'm not saying what year that was though!

Love Jayne


MrsL said...

That's a lovely idea, Jayne.:)

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