Monday, 29 June 2009

What I did at the weekend

Saturday was Guild day, where we had a talk by a lovely lady on Bulgarian rugs and kelims. I was particulalry interested in this, as the slides showed domestic rugs, the ones actually woven and used by peasants in their homes - not some big posh arty ones to hang onw alls, or not to be walked on - they were lovely, and she had a few items to look at too, which we could handle. One of them was a goat hair rug - these were woven, then placed in a stream for several days where a wheel with an arrangement of mallets punded them to felt them - hardwearing and durable, soft rugs were the result of this. Another one that fascianted me was a lovely black and white check woven apron. Imagine talking the time (perhaps borne of necessity) to weave an apron - looked as if it would last for many, many years, unlike the thin cotton ones we have these days. I bought some nice Black Welsh Mountain wool from the sales table,r eady carded, and spent Sunday afternoon spinning it up, and ened up with two nice hanks of that - might be destined for a hat. I finished a pair of socks owed for a barter ( a nice skillet for using on the fire pit), and had a go with a vintage origianl Spirograph I found at the tip on Friday - remember that one? The weather has been very hot, so spinning and eating has mostly been done outside. I let the Rayburn out to give it a good clean (jam dribbles LOL), and will re-light it this morning as I have a pile of baking to do. The washing machine is officially dead, so I have ordered a new one, managing to find an ethically acceptable company and a machine with AAA ratings, £50 off and free delivery. I am happy to continue hand washing (although I admit the sheets are difficult), but I had to stave off a teenage revolt, so new machine it is.
No problem getting any of it dry at the moment though!
I've been picking the first of the soft fruits after the gooseberries too - tayberries, raspberries and strawberries. A true taste of summer. :)

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