Thursday, 2 July 2009

Easy berry jam

Thought I'd share this quick and easy one with you. Often there aren't enough berries all ripe at once enough to make a full batch of jam. I collected enough over three days to make two full jars and about 1/5th of a jar - 1 1/4lbs of mixed berries. I had golden raspberries, red ones, tayberries and a few strawberries.
They were kept int eh fridge and added to over the three days. I wanted to capture the ripeness and fresh zingy taste, rather than freezing them for later, which does soft fruit no favours, really, so jam it was.

Place fruit in pan with an equal amount of white suagr (ie 1lb berries to 1lb sugar) and a good squirt of lemon juice. Leave over a lowish heat until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved, then turn up the heat and boil rapidly to a set, decant into prepared hot jars, leave to get cold, then cover and label.

Stash one away to keep for the depths of winter if you can.


Spirit of Old said...

Sounds gorgeous!

thesnailgarden said...

Yippee! Finally I can see your blog again. I love homemade jam - I never buy jam - my Mum and I always make our own, you just can't beat homemade. Your vegetable garden looks gorgeous. I usually have flowers that self-seed on our allotment, but OH has been weeding too well this year and only a few have escaped, I have asked him not to pull them up but he says it is a veg plot - no soul ;) Best wishes, Pj x

Jackie B said...

I love reading your blog - always feel lazy afterwards though. I must do more in the garden!