Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Back to the daily grind..................

More backwards looking progress I suppose! Progress to me, though. I like real coffee, but have just got back into grinding; have done on and off over the years, but now it's wanting to bet back to the very basics of coffeemaking. Coffee is a privelege for me - it's come all that way across the world, grown by someone, processed, packed and arrived on my table with little or no effort on my part, so I try and treat it with respect. I gave up on instant a few years back, apart from the occasional jar for Bean, or for when I couldn't get ground. Now, I think I'd rather do without. When we first got our house, I bought isntant, because that was more or less all I knew. We then progressed to an electic coffee machine, with filter papers, for ground coffee. When that wore out and broke, I didn't replace it, but went back to instant. I was a bit happier when Fair Trade and organic appeared, so stuck with that for a while. I then eventually got a glass cafetiere, secondhand, which we still have, for ground coffee. We bought a few beans on and off as and when we found some that looked interesting or whose name appealed in some way - again, Fair Trade and organic wherever possible.I've now got organised to just ahve the freshly ground all the time; new beans with a lovely airtight tin to keep them in; back to the old enamel coffee pot I've had for nigh on 20 years or so, and a very nice ceramic, brass and wood grinder picked up half price at the Steam Fair a few years ago, for only £5.
Now, it's a joy to sit at the table and grind the beans for coffee - just enough for one cup, or two or three if required. Takes minutes, doesn't need to be hurried; put the kettle on the stove before you start grinding, and the coffee pot beside it to heat up. Take time to make a real drink, take time to drink it as it should be drunk. I need't even describe the aroma as it's made, a real bonus. No going back for me now.


jess said...

I quit drinking coffee last summer, but I so miss the smell of grinding and brewing coffee beans mmmmmm. Best brew up a pot of tea to distract from my thoughts of coffee lol.

Anonymous said...

I have the same grinder as you, I make a pot in the morning and enjoy the ritual of grinding the coffee, it gives me time to wake up,I don't drink instant either and always take a supply of coffee and a strainer with me when I go anywhere.

Brenda said...

Ah now here's a subject close to my heart! I only have the one cup a day, the rest of the time I drink tea, but my one cup of coffee has to be perfect. My absolute favourite coffee maker is the Cona type, glass carafes that go on the stove top with a huge glass balloon on top to hold the dry grinds and where the coffee gets mixed, more like a science experiment than a coffee maker! My second choice is the french press and at last count there are no less than three at home, one at work and another one with the camping gear, that one is all stainless steel so won't break. At work I'm known as the coffee snob! For grinding we have a kitchenaid grinder which does a superb job for larger quantities of beans, but for absolute perfection we also have a hand crank burr grinder, can't be beat. Our beans come from two local stores/chains, Wholefoods Markets and Trader Joes, both places sell lots of organic, free range, fair trade and naturally derived products, can't be beat. Right now our favourite coffee is Trader Joes Fair Trade Organic Bolivian Blend.

Coffee snob??? Who me????

MrsL said...

I'm not alone then...............LOL

As for being a "coffee snob", if such name calling, albeit light heartedly, is part of the process to achieve something you take delight in using, making and drinking then so be it. I think they're secretly jealous :)Somethings are really worth the time and effort, and for me, this is one of them.