Monday, 13 July 2009

It's been a day of......................

- walking; took the dog out early this morning and picked the very first of the earliest brambles - huge, soft, juicy, sweet, dripping with juice, warmed by the morning sun

- washing; I got 3 loads out and line dried, another up on the kitchen pulley

- ironing; got up to date with the ironing

- shovelling; cleaned out the goat yard

- concocting; made a new batch of gorgeously scented beeswax polish

- baking; almond macaroons, lovely with coffee

- clucking and quacking; talking to the chickens and ducks, gaterhing eggs, checking them over, just watching

- podding; podded another picking of peas, and started a gallon of pea pod burgundy (think The Good Life LOL)

- starting; I made a new apple juice starter for sourdough bread

- keyboard tapping; keeping up with forum and blog worlds, learning all sorts of things, enjoying friendships

- trimming; got two of the feet on one of the goats trimmed - more to come, but it takes two of us. Heaven help me when I need to train them to be milked......

- tea drinking; best drink of the day at any time

-cleaning; got on well with the Monday housework, so an easier day tomorrow

It's a lovely feeling, the physical tiredness after a good day's work done; not exhaustion, not feeling drained, not drudgery, just a satisfied feeling after a productive summer day

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