Monday, 6 July 2009

Charity shop bonus!

I was in one of my favourite charity shops on Saturday, just having a browse around. Needless to say, I managed to amass a small pile of goodies - 8 very pretty little doilies, destined to be made into something else, a book on a country childhood and a lovely vintage rug kit, a small bit worked at one end only, so I'm looking forward to completing that - I've never done theh latch hook rugs before, so that should be another string to my bow I hope.Best bit, though, was the lovely lady behind the counter who served me rcognised me from the blog! She asked if I was the 21st century housewife LOL She had seen my pic here, looked at what I'd bought (lol) and put two and two together! So - hello L - thanks for reading the blog and saying hello; I was chuffed to bits and it made my day. :)

Here's the jar of dried oregano ready for the larder:

With the new washing machine getting installed on saturday, the store room was mostly turned out, so it gave me a chance to sort and tidy and clean as I went. Stores neat and tidy now, new washing and ironing baskets (last ones were literally falling to bits); it's actually on the agenda to weave some new ones, but I won;t get to it any time soon, so got these in the meantime.
Coming up this week: tidying adn cleaning (visitors), baking, sorting oil lamps of various types and experimenting with wicks, lots of knitting for various orders I have, more decluttering and hopefully harvesting lots fromt he garden. We had a good downpour of lovely summer rain this morning, and it looks like there's more on the way - good for the garden and butts. I love the summer rain, it has a sound all of its own.

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Mrs M said...

I love working in that shop and it was such fun meeting you after following your blog. Thanks for your kind comments this morning, they made my day.