Friday, 10 July 2009

When your redcurrant jelly doesn't set..................

I try jelly every year, but it's enver very successful, as the stove top is narrow, and not conducive to getting a jam pan to an adequate rolling boil for jelly - jam and marmalade are fine, jelly less so. It turns out like a thick honey, still usable, but drippy!
This eyar, it didn;t jelly again, but I put some of it into the jam wine I was mkaing with the twice yearly jam shelf clear out, and the rest will be aused for cooking. It still imparts the lovely fruity redcurrant flavour, and when heated, liquifies just like the jelly, so is ideal for it. I made red onion marmalade last week, with the recipe from the River Cottage Preserves book. I don't hahve the book, but one of the forum members posted up the recipe for me on the forum:

I did adapt it slightly according to what I had in the alrder, but it's very good; I'll need to make some more, I think.

Other ways os using it willb eCumberland sauce, and game pies and casseroles; the taste marries very well with the stronger flavours of game. A spoonful in an apple pie is nice too, like you do with quince jelly.

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