Friday, 28 August 2009

Armchair traveller

I've been an armchair traveller for many years now, and am quite content to view the world from the comfort of my own home :)
When younger, I wanted to visit all sorts ofplaces - Tibet and Ladakh were very high on the list, Nepal, Sikhim, Bhutan, India, Peru, Bolivia, rural Spain and Italy, northern France, parts of America......
As environmental concerns began to make themselves known, I reined in my future travel plans greatly, then when the house and children came along, they got pushed to the back burner, where they have stayed. I went to Paris many, many years ago, and to Ireland twice, plus all over Scotland, England and Wales, although there are many places left in this country for me to visit in the future, I hope. I've never flown, and now have no wish to do so whatsoever. I have read hundreds of travel books over the years, and had a subscription to the Excellent Wanderlust magazine; travel programmes were avidly watched on television. The library is a great source of travel books, which I request having been recommended them, or seen them in a paper, magazine or online, etc. I have to say that the internet has been the biggest contributor to my armchair travellling - anywhere in the world is literally a click away - hundreds of pages, articles, blogs, not to mention the incredible pictures and photographs that people are willing to share with the world at large. I also have contact with people from around the globe through forums and blogs - a great way to learn about life and living in countries so different to ours. With all this at my fingertips, whilst some say it is no substitute for the travelling experience (which I could agree with), it comes a pretty good second for me; the world is literally brought into my home for me. Over the years I've become a real home bod, quite content to stay put, but I do enjoy seeing what is happening in other peoples' parts of the world - good for the mind, good for the soul.

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Stella said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Someone after my own heart.