Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Doesn't amount to a hill o'beans................

- maybe not, but it proves a point! I grew these six little beans this year. I tried growing kidney beans a few years back, with fresh seed purchased from a seed merchant, but little success. This year I sowed two or three from the back of the larder "out of date" according to the packet. They produced plants, and I kept an eye on them, picked the beans when ready, and dried them. Now, it may only be six beans, but these will be sown next eyar, and I will have my very own strain of kidney beans :) I've wondered for years whether dried beans bought in the health food shop or wherever would actually grow, and this indicates that they will. Much cheaper to buy too - a mixed bag of dried beans would give some wonderful, interesting experiments, and based on this, there's no reason why they shouldn't grow and produce edible beans. The wondering is over, roll on next spring after a visit to the health food shop for a mixed bag of potential!

Bit of a relaxed day here so far - friends over this morning for tea and cake,and a good natter ofocurse LOL; bit of knitting done. Buckets of damsons and some elderberries to deal with later after a visit to the mobile library. It's very wet and has poured here all day today - goats are particularly displeased about that I think, poor things. I gave them some extra straw to eat/play with, but it's not the same as being outside snoozing goatily in the sunshine like yesterday. Ah well, it's good for the garden, and the linen bin is empty!

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Carolyn said...

Awhhhh you have goats too!!! Lucky old you xx Received my little package on Tuesday....thank you so much. Lovely to get a package in the post!
I grew my runner beans this year from seeds I'd saved last year. It was great to see them thrive and produce loads this year. Feels so good to not buy the seeds.