Friday, 28 August 2009

A book-filled week

- again! This first picture shows the kitchen table five minutes after returning from the mobile library. Yes, I can see you all turning your heads sideways LOL. The mobile library is a fortnightly treasure house for me. I don't drive, through my own choice, and time with family is take up with other things at weekends, plus OH has changed job and hours etc, so a visit to the terrestrial library is getting a bit rare these days. No matter - the library van is wonderful - I can request books online for free, and suggest book purchases, hire DVDs, buy stamps etc. A regular jar of jam and or chutney plus a Christmas present for the two staff help things along, and they often put aside books they think I might like. Can't be beaten, in my view.

These other two pictures show the charity shop haul I got this morning, all for £5. I knew I cleared my shelves last week for a reason! The princely sum of 80p for the Sarah Raven book with the astonishingly gorgeous cover was the icing on the cake. So, with this pile, I get to feed my armchair travelling ( see post below), gardening, foraging and biographical habits all for that relatively small sum. I also managed to find a bobbin of shirring elastic for 10p, so that was useful too.

Happy reading to you all too - hope you get as much pleasure from your books as I do from mine. :)


Lottie said...

You can't beat curling up with a book can you. Brilliant bargains

MoominMama said...

Ah we love going to the library, although we don't have a fantastic one in town at least I can get books sent over from other libraries.

I've not been round our charity shops for quite a while now, have to restrain myself or I come home with so many books I don't know what to do with them!

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

I'm going through a book reading phase too - isn't it great having the choice and hoping that the stuff from some of them will help you grow.

Anonymous said...

I've gone through everything I had to read. I made myself step away from the computer and get back to reading something with front and back covers! Must see if our local library, tiny as it is, has got anything interesting.


Ruth@VS said...

Good to see other people also have mobile libraries. We have one that stops outside my house, and due to pressure from some of the users (including me) when they get the new van they are also going to get new stock which - shock horror - will be rotated monthly! It's worth paying my council tax for this!