Thursday, 6 August 2009

Country Wisdom

This is my lovely new book which arrived this morning, Country Wisdom by David Larkin; he is English by birth, but now lives in America, having spent many years there now. I have another of his books, and was inspired to buy this one - what a gem of a book. Anyone who hankers after the sinple life should take a look; log cabins, the simplest of kitchens and bedrooms, no clutter, woodstoves, real fires, quilts...........lots of information on how the houses wer on vernacular design constructed and why they were done in the way they were, influence of, fireplaces, walls, beds,weather lore, household hints and country remedies, sueprstition, seasonal celebration, all with the most wonderful photographs that really make the most of the subjects. This is the conclusion from teh back of the book:

"Most country wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation in the form of oral and written reminisces, or from writers, poets, and those who just observed. Old country sayings, rituals, even superstitions stay with us because they haven't been proved ineffective.
They are also worth preserving just for the fun they bring us. Certainly, many of the remedies really work, and some of their active ingredients are now manufactured for general consumption or application.
Apart from some observations on the weather, local life and harvest festivities, our focus has remained inside the house. But there are other buildings on the property to think about, as well - fields, walls, fences and gardens. And perhaps most interesting of all is the wild side of country living; what we can learn from, use, and live with nature without changing it.
It is hard to concentrate on relaxing in the country. There is too much gooing on. Nature is very busy , so it's best to join in. Gardening, carpentry, walking around, and maintaining your property are creative, healthy, enjoyable, and, at the end of the day, relaxing. And, even more important, ways to a better life."The bits that speak to me are "those who just observed", " it's best to join in (with nature)"
and "without changing it".

A lovely, lovely book, even if all you eer did was look at the pictures, but that would be over and over again. I spent an hour sighing over them this morning, and felt inspired to change a couple of things in my own home - which is what books are all about for me.
I'm off to see if I can find some more of his books now. :)

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Carolemc said...

Ooh you are a bad influence ... that sounds right up my street! I'll have to have a look on Amazon now!

Can I ask if you bought it on Amazon and got it shipped from the US? If so, is it right that you only pay £2.75 post?....and no other charges once it gets here?