Thursday, 6 August 2009

Full moon

Last night was full moon; stunning to see, literally awesome. I find the word awesome very over used and badly used, and rarely use it myself, but on this occasion, the moon was truly deserving of such awe. Wisps of light and dark cloud trailed across in front of her, giving a peek a boo quality, which made me smile. I stood upstairs at the open bedroom window for a good quarter of an hour, just looking; EJ joined me and had a thoughtful look through the bins too - the clarity was amazing. I leaned on the windowsill, and thought of the myriad people who had looked out of this house at the full moon over the years, and with no traffic noise at that time of night, it was completely timeless, even when the church clock chimed the hour, as it has done down time for longer than I know. A good ten minutes of total peace; this was broken by the sound of two large tractors, on their way back to the farm late at night, after another day out harvesting, squeezing in the work to make the most of the good weather. Yes, the noise was loud, and yes, I felt it a little intrusive, but it's part of the countryside where I live, and I was glad it wasn't me who had to be out and about until midnight working on feeding folk who are, in the main, unappreciative of what is done on their behalf. Likewise the moon herself - people are very ignorant and unappreciative of what she is about, not taking time to learn of her effects, what she is *for* (people seem to like to make sure that everything has its purpose, when nature just *is*), and show huge disrespect in the way they talk about her, and blame their and other's own incompetence and bad humours on her fullness. Maybe they should take more time to look outward at the moon and inwards at themselves.

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Leanne said...

Lovely thoughtful post sarah, and i am totally in agreement with you about peoples misconceptions and disrespect for the Moon. I too wrote on a similiar theme that I feel blessed by the moons energy, and that She is a positive influence, not negative.

Leanne x