Thursday, 17 September 2009

Early morning autumn

It's a beautiful day here in the Vale, so I took the dog out a bit earlier than usual, and hoyed off down the lanes. Was a bit fresher than I expected, having gone out in a sleevless t-shirt, but the fresh, chill air of an autumn morning was very welcome. The autumn light on mornings like this is beautiful, you just want to get out among it!
The vale was waking up to the new day:

Up the lane:

Looking out across the land:

Glimpses of the work on the land turning with the season:

This is my little bit of autumn colour in one of the front beds - I can see it from the window here; very beautiful when the sunlight plays on the flowers.

The light has changed already - even in the hour since I got back home; it will change perceptibly by the hour for the rest of the day. I go outside and just stand in the garden drinking it all in - early autumn is probably my very favourite time of the year.
Still lots of autumnal jobs to be getting on with, I'll post about them later. For now, there are things to do with wild plums in the kitchen and more preserving jars to wash and get ready for filling.

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The Squirrel Family said...

Lovely view sarah looks like you had it all to yourself too.....magical