Monday, 14 September 2009

I think I'd rather be in the kitchen..........

I made the decision yesterday to have a *big* push this week and get the house well in order before the winter, so I've started. The landing is now clear, decluttered, dusted, window panes and surrounds cleaned, ready for redecorating before the end of the month, and new curtains made too I hope; I've yet to choose a colour scheme, but that's generally a bit more pleasant than the actual hard work bit LOL
However, I should be in the kitchen, dealing with today's produce from the garden:

The tomatoes, after a slow start are producing well, but steadily, which is a good thing in a "dealing with them all" capacity; there were two lots of these this morning, waiting to be made into sauce I should think, for bottling for later in the year. The autumn raspberries are the same, obligingly regular, which makes life a bit easier - these ones will be for a pudding tomorrow I think. The nuts came off one of the hazels in the garden; the small crop on the top trees seems to have been nobbled now, but I'm grateful for all of these - they're really good this year, and should last a while - some are destined for a pudding with the raspberries - more on that later, with a recipe, when it's done.


brightandnew said...


waiting for piccies and recipe :)

I'm in the middle of cooking some chutney with a recipe I found in your blog archives (I think you called it 'Summers End chutney'). I've never made chutney before and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Shropshire Girl said...

Can I beg a favour? While you are in your kitchen can you 'show' how you bottle your tomatoes? I have masses this year and usually cook them down to a sauce and freeze. I am getting conflicting info from my preserving books.
I'm afraid the squirrels beat me to the tree at the bottom of our garden this year - not a decent one left!

MrsL said...

brightandnew - hope to get to the pudding today, so recipe and picture should appear soon. Summer's End chutney is one of the best ones - use up what you have to make up the weight of vegetables and go from there. Always tastes good!

Shropshire girl, will put up a post later for you, I have some to do later.

Thanks. :)