Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Enjoying the autumn tasks..............

I hesitate to call them chores as these tasks are very enjoyable, especially the outdoor ones in the crisp air of the morning, bumping into cobwebs and feeling the dew soak into your socks LOL

First job of the day was cutting the squashes:

Not a huge harvest, the plants went in a bit later than they should, but there's ample for us and I'm pleased with it, and it should see us through until spring, kept properly. There are Marina de Chioggia, a green acorn squash, two Amish Pie squashes and a couple of little Sweet Dumplings. Some things you just have to take a photo of!

Mother Nature lends a hand! I found that these ripe sunflower seeds had been neatly collected as they dropped, into the leaf of a squash planted nearby- how convenient is that?

In the kitchen, the autumn tasks continue with the mixing of the Christmas pudding. It's mellowing in its bowl now, I'll leave it for 24 hours and cook it tomorrow. It smells wonderful, couple with the rich raspberry aroma from the last batch of Autumn Bliss jam on the stove. Heaven in a kitchen.

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MelMel said...

Lovely pictures, I just adore this time of year...x