Monday, 28 September 2009


I like Mondays. I've always liked Mondays. Even though technically (?) speaking Sunday is seen as the first day of a calendar week, I think most folks see Monday as the real start . Although I haven't gone out to a paid job for a while now, I still work within the working week framework - work Monday to Friday, with a mroe relaxed Saturday, and try to have Sundays "off".
What I like about Mondays is the fact you can re-invent yoruself every week LOL.

This will be the week I................(fill in the blanks)

This will be the week I catch up on the housework/cleaning/laundry/letter writing/bills/gardening/mending etc etc etc, and by the end of the week (ie Friday) my life will be a shining example of organised calm and productiveness.

Er no, doesn't work like that, at least not here! By Friday I have inevitably done a lot of kntting, baking, spinning, reading,etc while the ironing mountain threatens to engulf the storeroom and teh wine still isn;t bottled, teh veg beds still not tidied...........
Ah well. Must try harder.


Anonymous said...

How many times have I heard that phrase, "this is the week I'll catch up on......" LOL!

That's the beauty of housekeeping though isn't it. It's always happy to wait for you.


MrsL said...

Happy? My house is positively delirious.............