Wednesday, 23 September 2009

September giveaway

After the past couple of days' unpleasantness caused by someone not associated with me or my blog/forum, let's get back to normal, and here, for your delectation, is the September giveaway! Bit of a quickie this month, as time is getting on, but it's here nevertheless.:)
The book is "Gardening when it counts - growing food in hard times" by Steve Solomon; it's a Mother Earth book for Wiser Living. There's a huge amount of information on vegetable growing, it's a lovely book, an easy read covering a wide range of aspects of growing.
I've popped in four packets of my own seeds as well - pot marigold (calendula), corncockle, shoo-fly (nicandra, good for repelling aphids, really works :) ) and sweet cicely, whose leaves can replace some of the sugar used when stewing fruit. All the seeds have been collected from my garden here in Dorset, which has been organically managed for over 12 years now.
To be in with a chance of winning, please leave a comment on my blog, or send me an e-mail - address in the bar on the right under "September giveaway".

Good luck, and thanks for reading!


Grib said...

Can I enter please!


Becks said...
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Mrs C said...

After a blog readin break wonderful to rediscover your blog. Mr C and I are just starting work on our first garden so please enter me in the giveaway!

Thank you!

Carolemc said...

Ooh, I'd love to enter please, that book is on my wish list!


Lisa G said...

Ohhh, I would really love to win this, I have just started on my Permaculture journey in my little garden with my little budget, so this would be a wonderful prize!
Thank you.

Blue Shed Thinking said...

I liked the look of this book so much, I added it to Howard's Amazon basket.

But it's so far down the list now I can't find it!

Dawn said...

Would love to enter your giveaway. Just signing up to the blogactionday you posted about too after finding your blog via Jacqui (Corridor Living).


Leanne said...

yes please enter me too, many thanks!

Leanne x

EvanAbeelen said...

i'd like to enter to,
thanks :-)

ikkinlala said...

I'd love to enter, please, if Canadians may. I'm especially intrigued by the sweet cicely.

Jayne said...

I would love to enter!

Jayne xxx

Linda O said...

If I'm not too late, please could I enter!!
Thanks, Windy xx

Little Terraced House said...

I dont know if I am too late to enter? The book looks really interesting. I have only just found your site, but am going to use your mincemeat recipe this afternoon.

Many thanks Babs

MrsL said...

Hello Babs - you jsut squeaked in there! i"ll probably be doing the draw tonight or tomorrow, so consider yourself entered!
Enjoy the blog - and the mincemeat :)