Thursday, 24 September 2009

Spanish omelette

This is one of my favourite standby recipes, and we have it fairly often as it's economical and very tasty.

Fry some chopped onion and diced potato in sunflower oil until soft and lightly coloured. I think this might be it for an authentic Spanish omelette, but I often add in bits of veg that need using up - in this case a softening red pepper from the fridge. When the vegetables are ready, pour over 2 - 3 beaten eggs and cook until firm on the bottom, but not too coloured. The top can be finished off under a grill, or it can be cooked until finished on a gentle heat. Turn out on a warm plate and enjoy. It is very filling, and is a meal in itslef, a meal in one pan - we like that bit, from a washing up point of view! LOL


Jacqui said...

I also make a Spanish/Scottish ommlette very often - leek or onion and potato and whatever else need used up. It's a great dish and all the better from our own hens. xxx

MrsL said...

I like the idea of a Scottish omelette with leeks!! If you put some left over chicken in it, you'd have a cock-a-leekie omelette! LOL Good idea.