Monday, 21 September 2009

A day of bees, a day of light, a day of peace

Today is the feast day of St Matthew.

"St Matthew's Day bright and clear brings good wine in next year"

His day falls close the the autumnal equinox; it's time to close the beehives for the year (St Matthew shut up the bee) and to prepare for the darker nights ahead (St Matthew get candlesticks new). It is also one of the two days known as the devil's nutting days, when it's unwise to go to the woods to gather nuts. Glad I can get mine from the garden!! LOL

Also, today is International Day of Peace

I shall be lighting my table candle, hoping for peace in the world.

If there is light in the soul,

there will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,

there will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house,

there will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,

there will be peace in the world.

Chinese Proverb

Like most things worth striving for, it begins in the soul, within the individual.


21st Century Housewife© said...

Look, I don't want to appear mean, but I hold the international copyright to the name 21st Century Housewife and have done so for over seven years. I'm widely published internationally using it and it really upsets me that you are using it. I don't want to have to pursue this in the courts, but my solicitor is prepared to if necessary.

I wish you all the best, but you are violating copyright law.

Kind regards
April Harris
The 21st Century Housewife©

Jacqui said...

never heard of it xx

Leanne said...

April says above that she does not wish to appear mean, but i am afraid that post does appear so to me and probably to many others too.

blogland is usually a pleasant place to spend time and messages like that do tarnish that. i cannot comment on the legal side of things as i have no experience of such things, but simple misunderstandings etc do not require, in my view, such heavyhandedness.

Leanne x

Sandybeth said...

We are all 21st century housewives.This blog is an inspiration to all that is good and real in this world. It has integrity, something that lacks in many blogs today.

nita x said...

never heard of you april, and your comment does seem very mean, blogland is supposed to be a happy place, and posting it under world peace day 'shaking head here' is beyond belief :(

oddny said...

I would have thought it would have been much easier to track down definite book titles by someone so 'widely published' - although given the curious mix of semi-legal and casually friendly language used in Ms Harris' post here don't suppose they would be worth reading anyway.

mother of intention said...

The dignified approach to this would have been to make contact privately, and not dragging this unnecessarily into the public domain. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but you seem to have done remarkably well at just that all by yourself. I for one would not buy a book by someone who comes across as a bully (because threatening with solicitors when i assume you have not brought this matter up privately first is indeed a bully tactic) and i certainly wouldn't recommend it to my friends either.

Being a housewife is a vastly under-rated 'profession' as it is and a little solidarity between us is ever more important in a consumer driven, career orientated world.

An apology for the brash nature of your post would not go amiss in my humble opinion.

H said...

April, what sort of person threatens another with solicitors in such a public way and then has the gall to say that she is upset!? You can be sure that you have upset a lot of people with your comment here.

There are many, many 21st Century housewives, for you to declare that you are THE 21st Century housewife is ludicrous...unless you are going to come round later and do my dusting and pop a pie in the oven for tea? No? I thought not...

An apology is in order here, I think!

MrsL said...

I have responded to Ms Harris by e-mail.
As you will see from the top of my blog, I have changed the name; this was not done with much deference to the said Ms Harris, but more for the fact I really have better things to do than to get embroiled in a tit for tat over the net with someone such as her.

I hope people who read here don't think I'm in any way associated with her "website" or "blog" - that would be embarrassing, wouldn't it? LOL

Thankyou for your kind comments and support here and elsewhere.

Keep on keeping on..............

MrsL (still in the 21st century, still a housewife - so: what does that make me, then, eh?

LOL again.


MrsL said...

I have recieved another e-mail from this Ms Harris, and she seems to me to be a thoroughly unpleasant person, to my mind.

I shall continue to be my own version of a 21st Century housewife, and so will many of my friends.

This is now closed, as I really have better things to do. :)



MrsL said...

That should read "an" e-mail, not "another", sorry.