Thursday, 29 October 2009

A day out


I like being at home, I'd be quite happy to stay here and just get on with things.......Sometimes, it's nice to go out, though - it doesn't have to be far or exotic, just to a different place, see new faces, meet up with a friend or two, that sort of thing. So yesterday, I went into town to meet up with a friend and spend some time with her. I got the early bus in; buses aren't the same as they used to be you know! I've spent a lot of time travelling by bus and coach, and my memories of the journeys are always of frindliness, people talking together, even if strangers and only about the weather - general chit chat, that sort of thing. Yesterday, although the bus had a good number of passengers, there was no chit chat, no atmosphere, no nattering, only the ever present annoyance of Someone Else's music, supposedly on headphones, but I could hear it away down the front of the bus. It was an uneventful, if short journey, but there was definitely something lacking. Maybe I'm getting old, but things ain't what they used to be!
This is one of my favourite parts of town - it's fairly easy to imagine how it would have looked 200 years or so ago - not that much different, give or take a yellow line or two!

The town is full of very old buildings, up the main shopping streeet they are used today, and it's not an unpleasant palce to shop, even if the shops aren't quite to my taste; there's a good range of charity shops - more to my taste lol - an excellent book shop, some very good cafes and coffee places, and the florists and greengrocers' displays brighten up the street scene wonderfully - a riot of colour and living plants at most times of the year; seasonal by the very nature of the businesses, it lends a good deal of atmosphere to the street.

We met up, and had a good and thorough trawl fo the charity shops; we bought two big bundles of Christmas quilting/patchwork fabrics, all in greens and reds - all new, some with bits cut out for the previous owner's projects, but a very good amount for the under 10 pounds we paid for both; my friend suggested buying both and sharing each, which was an excellent idea, so we did that. We also each came home with a small tray cloth; this is mine:

I was immediately taken by the little embroidered cottage and snaffled it straight away! I won't use it as a tray cloth, so the embroidered part is destined for part of another project, but not sure what yet - I have a few ideas.
The afternoon was spent at her house drinking pots and pots of tea and talking for England; bit of knitting and sewing too.
It was a lovely day - no pressure, very relaxed, good company and lots of talking lol
When you live in a small rural vilage like I do, and are fairly self-sufficient in your own company and happy at home, it's very easy just to not bother going out anywhere. It's good to make the effort, re-charge your batteries with a change of scene, different things to look at and people to talk to. But not TOO

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jf said...

Know what you mean about buses. And they are now more expensive than the train here!! That is ridiculous. Oh, and no dogs, so I can't take her for a walk somewhere nice, have to use the car :(

John F.

MrsL said...

That's a shame - our buses (both the council service and the private ones) take dogs for nothing here. Not usre I'd take Paco on a bus, though.............!!!!