Sunday, 25 October 2009

A weekend of two halves.................

........... as the saying goes!
Yesterday was quite busy; it was Guild day, so we had to be up and out with the car packed and ready for starting off after breakfast and morning jobs done. A Friend at the Guild restores old sewing machines, so I bit the bullet and decided to pass them on to her. I really don;t need that many, but feel obliged to rescue them from the tip/skip etc for only a couple of pounds each. I was happy to swap these for some Kilner jars and some seeds.

Teh talk was excellent, by Priscilla Lowry, on The Wow factor - what judges are looking for in competitions and exhibitions, etc(. She works in silk, and brought soem lovely knitwear to show us all; I found it inspiring and want to knit sideways words and letters now!! lol Being Chairman, I have to get around and talk to as many embers as possible, as well as sorting out any problems, reading out notices, making sure everyone gets a cup of tea ( most important!), and generally being busy the whole day. I'm usually quite tired by teh time I get home, but eysterday afternoon was in and almost out again straight away - Bean's band, Ship of Fools was playing a charity gig in the pub over the road for Lluest Horse and Pony Trust (; they were very, very good, very polished performance, and Bean did a cracking Amy Winehouse cover! Proud mother alert there........ lolo We got home quite late, but a decent amount of money was raised from our small village, with generous help from James in the pub whop made no charge for the venue, the food for the band, and doanted a very generous prize for the raffle too.

At least I got an extra hour in bed - the clocks were turned back, so that was nice. Today has been very quiet, a day or relaxing apart from a bit of cooking and washing up. I spent the morning working on my new Celtic hat project:

I then started on a design for a Charleston House/Bloomsbury inspired slipover (for me), then spent the afternoon spinning some more of teh white Suffolk fleece; I want to try out my new acid dyes thsi week, so will try them on this; not much more to do for a usable amount for what I've got in mind.

A nice easy going Sunday, punctuated by a shared chocolate orange and various cups of tea. Now got a rather nice goblet of Blossom HIll to keep me company!
I hope everyone else had a weekend as good as mine.

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