Monday, 26 October 2009

Learner drivers

Don't expect a rant here about learner drivers, because you won't get it. What I am going to do, though is rant about other road users and their attitudes to learners.
I witnessed a truly appalling scene on Fridaye vening, coming home from shopping. There is a short lane, on a gradient, coming up from the town centre to the top road, ending in a hill at the top, where you turn left or right on to the bigger road. Tricky for experienced drivers, I should think, and difficult for learners to say the least. A learner driver in a small car had stalled the engine on the hill, front wheels just over teh white lines. We were two cars behind, so just stopped to wait. The car infront of us , after about 20 seconds or so, swung out sharply, went round the learner and sped off to the right; we all had a go at this driver, and moved forward in the queue, now directly behind our eklarner; a car zoomed up froms omewhere behind us and did exactly the same thing - bear in mind they are turning right, from the wrong side of the road on to what can be quite a fast bit of road. Incredibly, a third car roared past us, but this time on our left, drove straight across in front of the learner, still trying to master the hillstart, and roared off into the night. I suspect this would have fazed an experienced driver, but how the learner coped is beyond me. After about another minute or two, s/he conquered the hill start and off they went, us following behind. Surely no-one should be so impatient, so intolerant, so selfish as to endanger people's lives, no to mention their own, that they can't sit behind aomeone who is LEARNING, for 2 - 3 minutes whilst they tackle a manouvre such as this. I imagine it's hared enough learning to drive in this day and age without the actions of selfish, impatient lunatics all around you. I bet more than one of them stalled their car when they were learning..........short-memoried, selfish, impatient lunatics.


Graham said...

I've trained to be a driving instructor - once you know how everyone out there should be driving then the roads are a very scary place...

Anonymous said...

Apparently the BSM reckons less than 80% of drivers currently on the road could pass both the written and road test, if made to re-take them on the spot. Now wouldn't that cut the congestion back a tad eh! LOL!

I've seen some hair-raising driving in our area too. Speed is the biggest offence. It seems the average British motorist is reluctant to even slow down, let alone stop.