Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lloyd Loom luck

Behold my new-to-me linen bin! Oh what exciting things I blog about, eh? lol
A few months back, I was pipped at the post to a larger green linen bin at the tip, not a genuine Lloyd Loom one, but nice nonetheless - the woman two paces in front of me picked it up and hung on for dear life.........I thought ah well, there'll be another one. Sure enough, another one had appeared by Friday afternoon. I nearly missed it too - it was stuffed full of tennis rackets, walking sticks and all manner of things. Luckily my well-trained eye lighted upon it, I tipped everything else out (sort of neatly and calmly) and it came home with me for 50p. It's in its original colour I think, which I will probably change - not the most attractive shade of pink, is it? It is a genuine one too, witness the label inside the lid; it has a bit of a dint in the back, but otherwise not bad condition. Timing couldn't have been better either - I'm decorating the bathroom this week, and when it's done, it will go in there.
Everything comes to she who waits, and has faith in the art of timing. :)


Linda O said...

I have one like that, and its pink!!!, I have a chair that came with it, also pink, I got it from DH's grandmother when she passed away. The Lloyd Loom label is on the base of my linen bin, but the chair doesn't have one, so I guess not as genuine as the bin.
Nice bargain for you though, well done!!
Windy xx

a.rogue said...

oh please don't paint it! Sometimes the charm is in the homeliness.

MrsL said...

Don't panic!! lol I haven't decided yet; the pink colour is actually growing on me a bit. I have found out in the past as well, that Lloyd Loom isn't that easy to paint successfully due to the weaving, so it will probably just stay as is. Teh bathroom is going to be pinki/green/cream, so it probably will fit in OK - not that I'm obsessive about things "matching" or "co-ordinating", it was just something that passed through my head, like they do!
Thanks for the comments!