Thursday, 15 October 2009

October giveaway - something a bit different!

This month, the winner can choose their prize - to a certain extent! The October giveaway prize is a knitted hat of your choice - you choose, I'll knit! You can design your own, or I can do it for you, or choose a commercial pattern, or one off the net - anything you like. Any style, any colour/s, whatever you fancy. Good luck, and thanks for reading.


Devon Dumpling said...

What a lovely idea and very special; a Mrs L original! x

Jess said...

May I throw my name in the hat lol,
MrsL you are too good to us.

Tang x

ren said...

Please put my name in too.
Just the right time of year to sort out a nice new woolly hat.

karen said...

Please can you add me to your draw My little one would love a new hat.

I'm having a giveaway too if you would like to hop over and take a look.

brightandnew said...

What a fantastic idea! I love this :)

Please put my name in too.


Anonymous said...

Can you put me into the hat too!

I would love a Jayne hat, but am only a beginner knitter. Cant use two colours at the same time!

Leanne said...

oh please include me too!

leanne x

Mimi said...

Hi there,

I'm Eskimimi from Ravelry and have found my way to your blog via there!
So, I thought I'd drop my name into the virtual hat if that is OK with you?

Good luck with the give-away, and nice blog you have here and at your other to knitterly blogging homes on the internet which I have been reading :o)

Mimi (Eskimimi)

EvanAbeelen said...

that sounds fun :-)
Please add me as well.

gill said...

what a brilliant idea