Saturday, 17 October 2009

Out of step

I often feel out of step with the current goings on on the modern world, but two things have reinforced this feeling significantly this morning; it's note ven 8 o'clock yet, it's going to be a llooooooong day :0
The first one was a short item on the morning news about a girl who took in her birthday cake to school to share with her friends. She was allowed to light the candles and blow them out and they all sang Happy Birthday, then the cake went back in the tin to be taken home as it was against the school's healthy eating policy tio allow them to eat it in school.

The second one is this story:

I used to laugh at the old hippy slogan "Stop the world, I want to get off", but I'm seriously considering having some t-shirts printed up with it now.

I despair.


Stella said...

I live my whole life feeling out of step with everyone else and it's sometimes not a very comfortable feeling. Thank God for the blog community!
What sort of a world are we creating where we fail to protect children from the really bad things in life and at the same time, we are making them afraid of simple pleasures such as eating a cake cooked by a classmate's mum? I'm surprised that they were allowed to have lighted candles!

Leanne said...


i am surprised they were allowed to light the candles too, health and safety regs you know (rolls eyes)

the world has gone mad, i feel increasingly alien on my own planet too. if you get a bulk batch of t-shirts sarah, i'll buy one from you!!

leanne x