Monday, 2 November 2009

Apples and pears

Nothing quite like them at the end of the autumn; I think the colours in the apples are stunning, their scent deliciously and nostalgically familiar - they're some surplus I was lucky enough to get from a friend up the road. I got bags of them, and other types - the best are saved for eating, the rest are now chopped into the cider bucket!
As for the pears - well, I'm stupidly proud of those! They are the first pears I've ever grown; the tree is a Beth (Bean's real name is Bethany, so I thought it appropriate :) ), bought from Woolworths in town a couple of years back. This, its first harvest yielded 11 beautiful and perfect pears - now baking in the oven, some for crumble tonight, some for storing for the depths of winter.
There really is nothing to match the thrill of bringing home grown produce into the kitchen; even if you are the only one to see and taste it, all the effort and care gone into the growing is repaid manyfold.
I'm looking forward to my crumble.................

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brightandnew said...

I've never had pear crumble! I have no idea why, but I intend to do something about it!

It must be lovely to have your own fruit trees - I'm very envious. Our garden is far too small to squeeze a fruit tree into it.