Friday, 6 November 2009

Things are looking rosy.................

Big excitement here, as my long-awaited David Austen roses have arrived. I ordered them some months back from a special offer in Country Living magazine, where they were half price.

I ordered four, and half the fun this morning was making a note of what I'd ordered - I'd long forgotten the names of them! So - we have William Lobb, madame Hardy, Tuscany Superb and Charles de Milles.

William Lobb:

Madame Hardy:

Tuscany Superb:

Charles de Milles:

I shall get out at the weekend and get them in, when I've finally decided where they will go - still thinking about that, but at least two will go out the front I think.
In the meantime, here's a rarity for you - the Green Rose, rosa chinensis.

Definitely a curiosity, but a rose none the less. I had to order it specially from Cranborne Manor Garden Centre (they are well knwon for their old roses). I nearly lost it last year when MrL inadvertently hoiked it out when clearing a bed in the front; it was squashed and battered, but I potted it up and nurtured it, and it seems to be doing well now, and I can get it back in the ground soon. He was just as gald as I was that it survived when I told him it cost *him* over twenty pounds!!! LOL I know, a bit of a luxury, but this econo-wife doesn't ask for much, and sometimes you see something that you've just got to have - this was one of those :)


Hear Mum Roar said...

I totally agree, and if you are frugal, sometimes I think you've earnt the right to splurge, right? Well, that's how I justify it!

thesnailgarden said...

Lovely roses and wool, best wishes, Pj x

karen said...

oooh I do love roses I've just planted a couple of climbing rose bushes That I'm hoping will be winding their way round my arched bench over the next couple of years.