Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday in the Vale

This is how it looked this morning, pretty stunning..................

Another Friday...............The tail lights in the photo are actually those of my OH wending his way across the county to work! I like Friday, it has an ambience all of its own, as does each day here, the way I live my life.
Monday is get up and go day - do most of the housework, the washing, the bits that need to be done promptly and definitely before the end of the week. Tuesday a bit less hectic, but floors and windows are done, and the ironing, baking too. Wednesday is for mending and any other bits; Thursday is winding down a bit towards the weekend, where I do tidying, extra jobs, anything else that needs doing. Thence to Friday - clean the fridge and write a shopping list, sfood shopping in the evening is usually all that's left to do at the end of the week. Weekday afternoons are spent knitting, sewing, reading, gardening, etc. Saturday is out and about - into town if we need to, animal food, hay, visit palces and events, etc. Sunday is a "day off" - I tend to knti and read or similar, sometimes gardening or cooking, whatever takes my fancy. Most evenings are spent reading, knitting, spinning, doing jigsaws, sewing, on the computer etc.
It's a quiet life, but prouductive and satisfying.
My latest spinning efforts, done last night:


MoominMamma said...

This post made me feel very happy.
Thank you. :)

Jacqui said...

Contentment :)

karen said...

I do so wish that I was as organised as you your busy monday happens to me every day of the week I really must sit down and sort myself out a routine I'm sure I'd be much more organised for it.

That yarn look's yummy What sort of wool did you use?

MrsL said...

It's easier to get into some sort of routine when the children are older - mine are grown up now, more or less; one at college, onstill home educated, but adults really; therefore, the days are my own usually, so I can adapt to whatever suits me.
The wool is some Suffolk I dyed pink, plied with some acrylic I spun from roving in Bean and I's joint stash. The beret I knitted with it is now finished, so will get a pic up soon :)