Monday, 4 January 2010

In the deep midwinter............... is -7 here this morning, MrL reliably informed me after he'd been out to empty the ash from the stove _ I was still in bed! Definitely a socks on and two t-shirt day today!! I have to go out and feed and water the livestock in a minute - much lugging about of frozen drinkers and feeders iced to the solid earth. Still, it's a good winter here, plenty of cold to chase away the bugs and things.
Hope everyone stays warm!
Today sees the end of the holidays - OH back to work, Bean back to college, so it's just me and EJ for now. Mondays are for washing and housework, and a bit of baking, so I'll fire up the Rayburn in a minute so it's ready - soup, cake and flapjacks, something clever with pheasant for supper too. Full stomachs and warm bodies, just what's needed today.
Later I have some letters to write, so might venture up to the post box, will see how I feel and how icy the pavements are.

I've just noticed, for the first time since we've been in the house - ice on the inside of the windows; no idea last night - woodburner thumping out a good heat and thick curtains - I don't look behind them unless I have to! Will be gone soon, as it's cold enough this morning to light the woodburner early. MrL brought in a good stack of wood and logs yesterday, so I don't have to deal with that.
I'm feeling much better the past few days, almost back to my normals elf, but still taking it a bit easy physically.
Feeling ready to go and face the new year head on!


MoominMamma said...

I think it was about -3 here this morning when I was up, although I will admit to snuggling under the blanket for an extra few minutes this morning!

Sounds like you will have a busy day with baking and cooking, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Be safe if you do venture out. x

aromatic said...

Gosh it certainly is very cold...
Your frozen windows just prove how well your thick curtains are keeping the cold out of the room!
I too have the menfolk back to work so have lots to do!
Glad you are still taking it physically easy, still early days for strenuous work!!
Keep Warm!
Jane xxx

Rowan said...

Patterns made by Jack Frost on the inside of the windows brings back memories of my childhood - no central heating those days. I've just read the lovely poem in your sidebar, it describes just how I feel too.

MrsL said...

No central heating here either Rowan; goes to show how good the curtains are, though! I need to address the rest of the curtains imminently and get them up to the same insulating standards I think.
Not so cold ehre at the moment, although snow forecast; has gone a bitdark, so may be imminent, hard to tell at the moment!

Canadian Sheepfarmer said...

Good to hear you are back on your old form Mrs L. You seem to have taken surgery in your stride just as you do with everything else!