Tuesday, 5 January 2010

MrsL's Twelfth Night toddy cake

This is really rather nice................. :)

6 oz butter
6 oz sugar
3 eggs
6 oz self raising flour
5 dessert spoonfuls of mincemeat
1 egg's worth or thereabouts of whisky
1 dried bean

Prepare a standard loaf tin (2 lb size), by buttering and flouring. Cream butter with sugar until fluffy, then beat in eggs. Add rest of ingredients, beat until well combined. Turn into prepared tin and hide the dried bean in the middle of it. Bake in a hot oven for 40 -45 minutes until well risen and dark golden brown; turn out and cool on wire rack.

Warn eaters of presence of bean!

This turned out really nicely - you can really taste the whisky, and the mincemeat was used in the spirit of Use It Up January!

Please see other post for releveance of bean!


Squirmy said...

Yum...sounds tasty :)

a.rogue said...

thanks! Sounds great - but Taliskers? surely too good for baking?... NOW i just have to figure out how to convert to our North American measurements; I think it will be worth it! I will probably use Canadian whisky - far less expensive here...

Rowan said...

Sounds good - and an excellent way of using up mincemeat.Right now we are still eating the Christmas cake but next year I might have a go at Twelfth Night cake - or maybe make it in a couple of weeks time, leave out the bean, and just call it Winter Cake:)

MrsL said...

Winter cake - good idea, seasonal cakes, can't have too many!!
Talisker is quite pricy, being a single malt, but I inadvertently ended up with two bottles at Christmas, so that's what I used - however, you can definitely taste the Talisker tang in the cake, so worth it for me!



MoominMamma said...

I don't like whisky (a terrible thing, being Scottish and all!) so I don't think I'd like this cake.
But I have to ask about the direction 'an egg's worth of whisky' - would that mean just measuring the liquid in the empty shell?
I've never heard this kind of cooking term before, but have to say I love it! :D

MrsL said...

I amde it up, Moominmamma LOL. It's another word for a big sloosh! You coudl use soemthign else - brandy, rum, wine, or apple juice/orange juice - just soemthing to give it a little bit extra.
Just amke sure you have HUGE egs to measure it by LOL



MoominMamma said...

Oh yes, with rum I would very much like it! Of course that's not very Monster friendly - I could do her an apple juice one!
I suppose I shall have to find some ostrich eggs now haha :D