Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday night popcorn

With the woodburner racked up to "hot" in view of the cold weather, Bean decided she'd like to have a go at popping some corn on the plate on the top, in a pan.We do have an electric popper, which is very good, but she wanted to try it out on the woodburner.It's now on its way, we're just waiting for the popping to begin..........
In the meantime, I just had to share this conversation with you:

B:"Where's the popcorn then?"
Me:"In the store room, in the cannister marked flour"
B::" R-i-g-h-t..............."

A couple of minutes pass.

B:"Can't find it! Where is it?" - from the depths of the store room......
Me:"I'll come through"

Through I go, to find Bean up on a chair, looking through the highest shelves. I point to the said cannister, indeed marked "flour", on the bottom shelf.

B:"That's not the cannister I expected it to be in, has it always been in that one?"

Me:"No, it used to be in the red and cream one marked "sugar" "

Much sighing and rolling of eyes from Bean, after retrieving the corn.

B:"What's in the read an cream one now, then?"
Me:"Coffee beans."

Got to

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MoominMamma said...

hehe as long as *you* know where everything is! ;)
Hope the popcorn works out on the stove top.