Thursday, 4 February 2010

Make a log carrier

I've been meaning to make this for a while now - something to make bringing the logs in easier for me; I find it difficult and heavy to pile them up on my arm, keep my balance and not tumble them over the dog or a lurking offspring in a logalanche!
The canvas I used is a piece of vintage deckchair canvas - really strong, and brightly coloured so I won't lose it in the logshed, washable too. I'll put a nail up in there to hang it from. The piece is approx 96cm x 45cm, with the two long edges being selvedges, so no hemming required on them. I turned over and stitched the shorter ends. Add some strong handles in the forum of a continuous loop of webbing/strapping. Where the two cut ends of this joined, I did a few rows back and forwards of zigzag stitching.

It works well, and is much easier on my arms. Not sure MrL will use it, but it's mainly to make my life a bit easier.
The idea came from a tiny little black and white advert I had torn out of a very old Countryman magazine and had squirrelled away upstairs. Both the canvas and the webbing strap came from the scrapstore a couple of years ago, just awaiting the right time.

Pleased with the outcome:)

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desertnutmeg said...

Thank you so much for posting this! For quite some time, i have been thinking of making myself the same thing; only for me, it for all the "little" kindling pieces that i continuous drop on my way to the house-argh! The idea of using deckchair fabric is fantastic! Thanks again!