Friday, 5 February 2010

Mistletoe buttons

I was lucky enough for Christmas just past to get a large bough of mistletoe- a proper bough, rather than a piddly wee branch as is what's usually available. I bought it at the farmer's market, and having known the famer for a while, through the market, I know it comes from an ancient Soemrset apple orchard. Research and reading tells me that it was held in highest regard by the Druids, and in ancient times was worn/carried to guard against illness, and if worn around the neck, would render the wearer invisible to enemies (might need to work on that one! lol). I read of a carved ring of mistletoe, and might like to have a go at that, and some beads.
In the meantime, I made this set of buttons which I'm pleased with; the next stage is to polish them with beeswax polish, then to knit a garment which will do them justice; probably something local and handspun.
I have saved the berries and will get out at the weekend and do my annual squashing-into-apple-tree-bough exercise. I've not been succcessful yet, but I continue to hope.

Interesting and informative site here:

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Carolemc said...

They are lovely - very clever!