Tuesday, 16 February 2010

More utility china.................

I was lucky enough to find some more of the plain green Berylware (Woods) utility china at the tip on Friday; 7 cups, 8 saucers and a matching milk jug. It's not often you get a good jug - they can be cracked or chipped, seeming to have often got a good deal of use over the years, the pouring lip being the worse for wear in many
They are going to be for every day use here, with a spare saucer for a geranium too:)
These are the archtypal teacup beloved of village halls up and down the country; sadly some of them are going over to mugs I have found. What delights of the tea drinking world they're missing by not having a real cup and saucer and a place to rest your biscuit!


aromatic said...

They are lovely and what a good find! My Mum had the whole set of them when I was a youngster but sadly none remain now. I remember rightly she had some green and yellow ones? Happy days!!
Love Jane xxx

MoominMamma said...

I think the tip you visit must be a magical place MrsL!
Lovely finds :D

Anonymous said...

we had a yellow set as a family when i was a kd