Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day; I received a lovely card and chocolates from OH, and we are going out for a meal tonight, just the two of us, something we haven't done for years; really looking forward to it.
We give cards and presents every year - nothing ostentatious, usually funny or/and pertinent, little private jokes, that sort of thing, but always something meaningful. We don't go in for the glitzy, sparkly teddy-strewn sort of celebration,or the flowers, or the soppy cards etc - but that's our choice. Those who do - good luck to you if that's how you want to celebrate; don't let anyone berate you for choosing your own way on this day - one day a year when you can decide what you and yours would like to do and how to do it. Folks are far too quick off the mark to judge and criticise others who do things differently to how they would or think things "should" be done. Leave folks alone. :)
This is for you:

Whatever you are doing, and however you are doing it, enjoy your day.

I'd like to also send this for those who no longer have their loved ones with them, especially on this particular Valentine's Day, as a friend of mine has lost her husband. You are in my thoughts.


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