Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Pancake canneloni

It being Shrove Tuesday yesterday, we had pancakes for supper. I made savoury ones for a change too, using them as canneloni. It's very easy, and a good way, again, of using up wee bits and pieces lurking in the fridge.
Fry some chopped onions in a little sunflower oil, add some chopped mushrooms, other veg, etc and cook until softened. I added a splash of red wine and some herbs; what you want is a good tasty mixture for the fillings. I diced some bacon as well, and added that, but fried separately.
While all that is cooking away, make the pancakes; I just use some flour in a bowl, break in an egg and add milk until it's the desired consistency. This batter was quite thick - the pancakes have to be rolled, so you don't want them too brittle and cracking. Lay the cooked pancake in the baking dish, heap in the filling and roll up - bit like Mexican. You can roll them on a baking tray , then carefully move them into the baking dish too. When they're all in, pour over a tin of chopped tomatoes and top with grated cheese; into a hot oven for about half an hour until golden and bubbly. I served ours with carrot, apple and pine nut salad.
Rather good it was too :)

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