Saturday, 13 February 2010

Parsnip wine

Now is about the best time of year to make this - parsnips are sweeter after the first frost is the perceived wisdom, and if you don't grow your own, they are a good price in the shops, being right in the middle of the season. I always reemmber the late John Seymour pronouncing this was his favourite home made wine, and quite possibly the only one worth making - I raise a glass to him, although I like lots of other home made wines as well LOL

4lbs or so of parsnips
2 1/2 lbs sugar
2 lemons
1 gallon of water
1 good tbsp dried yeast

Scrub parsnips well; no need to peel. Slice them into a large pan (I use one of my jam pans for this) and pour over the water. Simmer until tender, but not broken up, then strain off the liquid into another large container. I give the cooked parsnips to the chickens, but you could put them on the compost too. Add the sugar to the hot liquid, stir well to dissolve; leave to cool to blood heat, then add sliced lemons and yeast. Stir well again, cover and elave in a warm place 4 - 5 days. Strain into demi-john, fit airlock and leave to ferment out. Rack off after 6 weeks into clean demi-john, then bottle after another 4 weeks. Leave a year or so before drinking (if you can).


a.rogue said...

I have to try this!! Even just for the curiousity factor...
thanks, Alice

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

My dad used to make parsip wine, and very good it was too, I've never managed to make anything remotely drinkable, so maybe I will have to give your recipe a go! Thanks

Anonymous said...

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Andy Say said...

It is often said that to use parsnips for making wine is to let the frost get to them. But a hard frost makes them impossible to dig out of the ground. Far better to dig them up beforehand, or buy them, chop them up and put in the freezer overnight. This turns the un-fermentable starch into fermentable sugar. Simmer for 30 minutes and drain the juice. Do not press or squeeze the juice or the wine will never clear. Using a high powered yeast plus nutrients, enzymes and kilo of sugar per gallon, this is one of the best strong wines you can make. Mine is called, Knee-Buckler.